About MR Musical Notes

Located in beautiful San Diego Calif. we specialize in keyboard music of all types. If M R Notes has to special order a piece of music it is done immediately and we will have it in a week whenever possible. During the year we have many specials with our biggest special happen in September for our Back to School Special. During that month everything is 20% off, and sometimes we have a few specials at 30% off. (Check out our New Issues and specials page)

Although we specialize in keyboard music we do carry music for other instruments and voice. Most are on an on demand basis but all you have to do is write sales@mrnotes.com or call us at out toll-free number. 1-877-283-2001. Donít like companies that will not talk to you direct, donít worry someone an M R Musical Notes will be there to answer you questions or we will call you at our first opportunity.

Become an M R Musical Notes partner. If you use certain books all the time, and you donít want the hassle of keeping an inventory or the problem with dealing with money, sign up for M R Partners. We will add a page of all the titles you use the most. All your student has to do is click that page and it will appear with all your most use titles. They can then do all there shopping on that page, and it will go straight to the Shopping cart.